We help small business owners take their second step.

Web design

Are you in need of a website for your business or blog? We can help you to set up a website curated for your niche.


Do you need a logo or banners? Not sure how to express your vibe for your business through design? We can help to get that out.


Not sure how Google and its algorithm work? We can help you to rank on Google for your niche.


VOLO Web Design is founded and built up single-handedly by a Singaporean girl Candy Leong. While trying to start her own business, she found out how tedious it is to run the business, let alone building the website. It was then she realised that many small business owners have very little or no time to build their own websites. Candy started out by giving out free website design services, meanwhile taking the chance to work and learn more about the WordPress websites and hosting. She has partnered with several domains and hosting company for different affiliate programs which is the reason why she is also using this opportunity to generate articles comparing hosting companies for WordPress websites.

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